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Have you ever wanted to go backpacking and hiking, but didn’t know where to begin? Have you ever been inspired by a YouTube video of hikers on a far-flung adventure, but been too intimidated by all the preparation? I have good news for you: all those folks were once beginners! On this website, I’ll give practical advice to plan your first backpacking trip for $450-500.

The goal of BeginnerBackpacking.com is simple: to show you exactly what you need for your first trip. Maybe you’re on the fence about pursuing backpacking, and not want to spend a lot of money right away. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the amount of information you find on Google and not know what to prioritize. Beginner Backpacking keeps your budget in mind while explaining the absolute essentials. You may want more gear later, but I will help you hit the ground running with the bare basics for your first adventure.

My name is Brian Campbell, and I’ve been backpacking for almost a year and camping for three. When not outside during weekends, I am an elementary music teacher. My wife and I work at the same school, and we spent the past summer visiting Italy and Senegal, where I grew up. Other hobbies of mine include reading, watching foreign films, playing guitar, and making too much espresso in our cramped kitchen.

How My Site is Organized: the Roadmap to Your First Adventure!

Below are the links to every page on this site. The first is a comprehensive overview of backpacking essentials, while the rest go into the details of each category. In the spirit of this website, each page keeps things concise and clear. By the end you should have all the basic knowledge you need to get out there for the first time! Enjoy, and feel free to contact me on my contact page! 🙂

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